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भारत की कूट नीति


Reverse Effect

A large part has been country is suffering from Chikungunia, Dengue and Malaria. The mosquito, transmitting the virus of Dengue and Chikungunia, is bread in fresh water. So we may draw at least one positive conclusion that Dengue and Chikungunia effected areas have at least fresh water!!!
Stay positive...

Ye Dil Mange more...

Killing of 17 soldiers at Army base in Uri (Jammu and Kashmir) on 18-09-2016 shocked all of us. We have been termed as soft state. We have full right to punish those behind this and all previous attacks. Look at US, they killed Laden right in Pakistan. We need masterminds of these attacks. A common man of India may not be understanding the peculiarities of international issues, but they believe in the promise made by our PM.

अच्छे दिन का बिज़नेस मॉडल

There is indeed requirement of strategic planning and designing most suitable models to implement the policies. This is also true that the services offered to clients should be economically viable keeping long term aspects into mind. If the recent train fair model is to be taken as thought process then it is going to benefit every entity other than the user. Implementing such models in monopolistic situation might bring railways into little comfortable position but in long run it will harm overall economy. The experts might have better opinion on the model but as a commuter, it would have been logical if the rate were set from negative to positive direction. that is first 25% tickets cost -25% of ticket cost next 50% tickets on base price and  remaining 25% cost +25% of ticket cost.

I wish this model is not replicated by other monopolistic agencies who provide ration, petrol, water, etc..:-)

The Beggars

In today’s digital age, there is immense importance of data in day to day life as well as in work functions. The person not having data (Means of business) is almost equivalent to a beggar who is not having Aatta (Means of living). Ultimately, they hit the road having nothing. Value of Data and Aatta lies in its fineness. Therefore, we must know the importance of both Data and Aatta and work for it.