Sunday, October 30, 2016

Say no to Crackers

Saying no to crackers might look just merely a slogan. The crackers keep firing in our file in many form. So keep cracking those crackers the Diwali is not the limit.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Perpendiculars of Life

Life is not straight but line is. The lifeline is handling the complexities of lines crossing each other. So count your perpendicular in the complexities of life and enjoy this abstract.

Selfie Truth

Is it so that the selfies by youngsters of this generation are the signature images depicting personality? Perhaps No, but it is passion for the mobile users.  The ultimate outcome of selfies, in most of the cases, is to post them on various social networking sites and get applause from near dear ones. What is wrong in this? Nothing..But now this has turned as blind passion for youngsters. They do not enjoy the places and just click themselves. To post the smiling photographs in the social network sites, they hide all the sorrows and post the smiling faces, funny faces just to entertain friends, relatives. This act is no less of any established profession actor :-).  This will go on..the story of masks is not new and so the emotions of human beings behind masks...keep on clicking on yourself...